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Breed Education

An introduction to this legendary breed.


Each pack has it's own personality. Each member of the pack brings  strength to the collective whole. Each one has a role + a responsibility.


Our pack matriarch, Wilder, loves order + keeping the peace. She can often be found keeping the youngin's in line + herding goats back where they belong. 

As a true hovvashoon (field shepherd's livestock dog), she is agile, swift + keenly observant with a particular excellence towards aerial predators. As a very intelligent dog, she has exemplified excellent decision making skills in many different crisis on the farm + become an invaluable member of our farm team. We often say we couldn't farm without her. She is charming with small children + animals alike.


Wilder is a special import from the US, selected by Rohana Mayer, and whelped the third litter ever in Canada. Aptly named after Laura Ingles Wilder, she is a pioneer of the breed here in Canada + whelped beautiful pups who have blossomed in their guardian roles across Canada. 

Wilder is now retired from breeding but

still very much an irreplaceable guardian here on the farm.

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✔️ Temperament + Working Evaluations


Zion is our resident sire + puppy babysitter extraordinaire. He has the patience of saint + a heart of gold. His remarkable athleticism + friendly demeanour has made him a fast favourite.


He has lived up to his gelkheght (wolf choker) roots, having taken out brazen predators such as fishers, foxes + large packs of coy-wolves that dare to threaten his charges. Although on the sharper end of guardiness, his sweet + gentle temperament is heart warming, with a particular inclination towards children. He has an aptitude with newborn or frail animals, always faithfully at their side to assist if needed. 

Zion is a special import from Armenia.

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✔️ Working + Temperament Evaluations


"Ber" is from the first litter to ever be whelped in Canada. She is a testament to this breed's mellow + intuitive nature, although no match for the larger predators in the area such as bear + cougar. 


Don't let this girl's large stature fool you, she is a great big softy! Her very "Nana" like personality has made her an extraordinary nursemaid not just to her own litters but also any other fledgeling stock such as piglets (reference photo below 😉).  

Ber's first litter was a whopping 21 puppies, only 9 of which survived due to space in the womb. This dog's big heart is a prized part of our family + farm fabric. 

Stay tuned on our puppy page for future litters from this exemplary mama! 

✔️ OFA CHIC Certified 

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"Wren" is our youngest member of the pack. She has shown great aptitude for her budding guardian role from a very young age. She is a Zion x Wilder pup + we look forward to watching her develop to her full potential with an intent to breed should she pass all her temperament, structure + health evaluations.

Wren's very best friend in the whole world is a pig named Boris. Wren + Boris were whelped/farrowed side by side + their friendship is a testament to the strong bond these dog's can have with their charges.


Stay tuned for updates on this amazing girl (potential breeding in 2022/2023)! 

OFA Hips [to be completed at age 2]

✔️ Embark [pending]

✔️ Working + Temperament Evaluations [pending]


Achilles was our very first Gampr + the second Gampr ever to be imported into Canada. We owe him our lives for the countless times he intervened in dangerous farm calamities while we were just learning the ropes to this whole farming gig.

There are too many heroic tales to tell about him but whether he was keeping the goat kids warm in the dead of winter, loving our children, keeping me company on many long nights + early morning chores, or scaring away all the monsters, he truly was the most faithful guardian + loyal confidant. 


Although we had convinced ourselves that he was invincible, Achilles passed away + we all miss him so very dearly. We could not have loved him more + he could not have loved us any fiercer.


He taught us so much about the breed, ourselves + self-sacrificing love. We are forever grateful for his presence in our lives. He is the inspiration to our breeding program + the reason we've invested so much into preserving this breed.

He was so much more than just a beloved dog, he was our hero.