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After having our four beautiful kids in the bustling downtown heart of Ottawa (Vanier to be exact), we took the leap to move to the country + pursue the homesteading lifestyle we had always dreamed of for our family. We purchased a 200 year old farm house situated on 53 acres of neglected land. 

Knowing nothing about farming, with very young kids aged 3-5, we enthusiastically dove head first into the steep + merciless learning curve that farming is. We worked hard + stuck with it, proud to say that after 7 years, we have pioneered our own little homesteading ways + know a thing or two about the grit + guts it takes to raise your own food, farm to table. 

Each of our kids play an integral role in the work around the farm + have adopted their own farm passion projects making the old adage "once you get manure up your nose, it's sure hard to get it out!"  

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